Sample Text Marketing Messages


Increase your business on slower days with real-time text messaging promotions! 

For example, you can send your customers special offers, discounts and menus right before breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Clients/Patients will never miss another appointment reminder again! 

Calls can be missed but text messages are always received. Text messages are great for appointment reminders, medication alerts, scheduling and more...


Ensure students, teachers and parents are informed in time! 

Notifications can be sent for school closings, emergency broadcasts, special events, games, practice, weather advisories, general news and more...


Contact citizens about occurrences that may require their immediate attention. 

Some examples include: evacuation routes, flood warnings, changes in traffic patterns due to construction, road closures, property tax deadlines, voter polling, power outages and more...


Keep Members Informed At All Times! 

Great for church events, daily bible verses, prayer requests, meeting & service reminders, donations, fundraising, important news, alerts, emergency broadcasts and more...



A restaurant owner can sending lunch specials, dinner specials, coupons and a variety of enticing offers to a list of preferred customers.

“Welcome to Antonio’s restaurant! Today, between 12pm and 3 pm taste our new specialty – steamed duck with pineapple. Get a free dessert with this message as a valued customer.”


Retail Store

Marketing messages about new arrivals and other special deals can be sent to customers’ mobile phones at regular intervals.

“Free album for each developed and copied film - Mon-Fr between 10 AM-5 PM. Scanning of negatives, portraits, reproductions, B&W photography repairing of damaged pictures. We bring true colors to your pictures. Moon Studios”



‘The support group meeting venue has been changed to Hawksley Rm’ or ‘The Bus will now depart one hour later at 4pm’.



‘Due to the inclement weather Entebbe Airport will be closed today’ or ‘Dr. Byenkya will not be available tomorrow please call to reschedule your appointment’.



‘Please return your overdue DVD rentals to Videoscene. Thank you’.



‘Professor Mazrui speaking on his latest book tomorrow, 3pm, main auditorium, Serena Hotel’ or ‘We are 1/2 way toward our fundraising goal. Keep up the good work’.


“Maintenance of a high-voltage transformator in the Jinja power station will be performed on June 2, 2012. The procedure may result in 30-minute power outage between 03.50 AM-03.55 AM. UEDCL/UMEME.”


Services and Maintenance:

“Visit our Walusimbi Garage for your maintenance and get 25% off and Free Engine Check! You will also be entered in our "New Car Giveaway Promotion" Walusimbi Garage.”


Health Club:

Nutrition expert in our store on Wednesday 7/11 from 2 pm to 5 pm. Check your body fat % free and get a diet plan and 20% off of Nutrix6 supplement 7/9-7/21.


New Releases:

‘The new Harry Potter book available at Read4Less BookStore from Monday 10,000/=. Call 0701-580958’ or ‘Premiering tonight - Spiderman 2 at Cineplex cinema’.


New Product:

‘Africana Hotel now serving Indian and Arabian Cuisine. Get a 20% discount on all our Menus and facilities with this message’.



‘Show this message and get a free manicure when you pay for a full pedicure at Nailz’.


Promotions and Offers:

“The first 100 people to come in and show this message get a free Drink”

“Show this message at our Shop and get a 20% discount on anything that you buy”


Web Designers/ IT Services:

Dream Big! Let our Dream Design Team build the site of your Dreams. Call us on 256704520000 or log onto


“Please call Access Recruit now on 012345 67890. We have a number of exciting new vacancies that match your skills and experience.”

Mobile SMS Marketing

is truly a worthwhile investment.

Start enjoying the benefits of a solution that enhances customer relationships and boosts profitability.


Be many steps ahead of the others by adopting it in your overall marketing strategy today.



SMS Prices

  • 1-1000            40/= 
  • 1000+             37/= 
  • 2000 +            34/= 
  • 5,000 +           30/= 
  • 20,000 +         29/= 
  • 100,000 +       28/= 
  • 200,000 +       27/= 
  • 300,000 +       25/=